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Welcome to my website


I've made it more relaxed and more personal so if you’re on here you are chatting directly with me. So check out the pics and if you are interested in any shoot me an email and we can sort it out. Some are being exhibited in galleries others are in the studio so I can send you in the right direction and get the painting you like.

In Sydney I can organise a home view. This means (if the painting is available and in Sydney) I can get the painting to your place and we can hang it up and see if it looks any good. If you don’t like it, no sweat at all I will just take it back to the studio or gallery. No cost to you and no drama for me as I want my paintings to look amazing in the best spots in your home, office or wherever.

I also create commissions for people if the painting they like has sold or just doesn’t fit in the place they have in mind - plus we can add those extra personal details. So if this is the case, send me an email and we can get in touch and figure it out. 


Well that’s enough waffle from me, enjoy the paintings.